Top 6 Tips To Gain Muscle Mass

top 6 tip to gain muscleIf you are looking a plan to gain muscle and lose weight, it is not easy. You must to choose a reasonable diet, do right exercises, and even recover properly in between sessions of workout, everything will make gaining muscle very difficultly. However, if you follow 6 tips that I show you below, your dream will be true.

Top 6 Tips To Gain Muscle Quickly

1. Focus on complex exercises

If we want to gain muscle mass, we need a metabolic response which increases the secretion of hormones such as testosterone and growth hormone, because it is this kind of anabolic hormones which have the ability to increase protein synthesis. And this is achieved just by using complex exercises such as bench press, squat…

2. Do not abuse machines of “fitness”

It is mistake to use those machines to gain muscle since they stabilize the exercise for us. Our body will be used to with the same exercises and it will never add any muscle at all.

3. Do not confuse strength training with hypertrophy

They are not the same. Everyone sometimes believes that to gain muscle mass, they have to get the maximum weight as they can. This is a mistake. For this you need to work to gain a body with lean muscle instead of fat. So you just need to increase a mount of certain weight (muscle).

4. Beware of stimulants such as caffeine

Remove the stimulants such as caffeine, wine and beer… may help you improve your performance as well as have a healthy body. This work also contributes to limit the secretion of the hormone cortisol, which makes our body become a fat store, can ruin our building muscle plan and prevent us to obtain the desired results.

5. Sleep enough

Lack of sleep can affect the process of recovery and regeneration of damaged tissues during training, lengthening the time needed for a full recovery. This can be harmful for your health and make you waste a lot of time to begin the training plan again. In the end, you muscle building training plan will be failed.

6. Pay attention to your diet

Nutrition is extremely important for weight loss and muscle gains so you should special focus on it. Below is the note on the diet for you:

  • Add more caloric intake in your diet. If you eat about 2000 calories now, increased to 2500 calories. However, remember consuming the clean foods.
  • Eating enough protein to help building more muscle. You must to consume from 1 to 2g of protein for each pound of your body weight to ensure for your muscle gaining plan.
  • Drink more water.  Water is very useful for your body to build muscle better.

I hope that these 6 top tips will help you have a perfect plan to gain optimal muscle and get a nice body. Good luck

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